Reference tools

You use reference tools to store and organize references and full text articles.

You can use one of these large reference tools: RefWorksRefWorks legacy (former version of RefWorks), Mendeley, or Zotero.
Hogeschool Utrecht is subscribed to RefWorks and RefWorks Flow. Mendeley and Zotero are free tools and not supported by the HU.

You create your own list of references by importing bibliographical data from catalogues and databases. It is also possible to share your references online with other RefWorks users.
You can also use RefWorks for making references in Word documents.

Refworks contacts:

FCJ: Tineke van der Meer
FNT: Dick Vestdijk ILC: Leendert Jan Wieberdink
FMR: Dorine Korsten
FG: Leendert Jan Wieberdink (key user)
FE: Roelie Tijmstra
FEM: Maaike Verweij
HUA: Dorine Korsten and Maaike Verweij