Publishing theses

In the HBO Kennisbank (HBO Knowledge Base) you find full text theses, publications and articles by HU students and employees. The HBO Kennisbank is available open access.

Go to the HBO Kennisbank. Searching for theses in the English language? After you choose a category (for example 'Business'), you can filter by Language, and choose English

Why participate?

People interested may consult your thesis for new research purposes. This promotes the exchange between research, education, business, profession and society. 

Terms and conditions:

  • Only theses graded mark 7 or higher are eligible for publication. You can deliver your thesis at any time, for control of the figure we contact your institute.
  • Permission is needed for publishing confidential information.
  • Anonymize sensitive information.
  • Provide a short summary with a maximum of approximately 200 words and enter subject terms. 

How does it work?

  • For delivering your final product or thesis, visit:
  • Click on the HU logo - HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht,- en log in with your HU account.
  • The upload form will appear, fill it in. See Quick reference guide

Any questions? Go to the HU library or send an email to Sietske Douna.