Copyright: what do you have to deal with as a student and where can you ask for advice?

As a user
If you want to use material created by others in your product (photos music, text, etc.), always ask for permission from the original author, or quote your source correctly, or search for open access material which hold Creative Commons licenses.

As an author
Students registered at the HU maintain copyright. They are the original author by copyright law and can  only relinquish copyright from their own work on a voluntary basis and preferably in writing. The HU will never claim the rights from the work of students. If an internship company wants to assert certain rights on the work of students, it is wise to make an agreement in writing.

The agreements made within the University of Applied Sciences relating to the copyright of documents created by teachers, employees and students are recorded in the auteursrechtenregeling HU (in Dutch). As a student you can have your thesis published in the HBO Kennisbank, but you are not obliged to do so.

In any case: make use of correct source reference: Quote according to the APA 6th edition.

If you have any questions, please contact