Copyright: what do you have to deal with as a researcher and where can you ask for advice?

As a user
If you want to reuse material from others in your own publication you can use the following standard methods: citing an paraphrasing. Always use source reference. The library has a handy tool for this, offers support and provides training.

As an author
As a researcher employed at the HU you follow the copyright agreements that apply to lecturers, unless otherwise agreed in writing. If you are employed by multiple employers, or doing research in teams in which people are employed by other employees or working freelance, it is wise to make agreements in advance.

When publishing your research (articles, blog contributions, etc. but also datasets) it is good to know that the HU supports open access and also prefers publishing HU publications under these conditions.

You can consult the international database Sherpa Romeo to see whether a certain journal allows open access and under which conditions. You can also consult the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ).

When a third party is involved
If you want to publish material which you developed for the HU at a commercial publisher, it is wise to make agreements with a supervisor or team leader. The HU supports Open Access and Creative Commons, so will always have a preference for non-exclusive licenses when reusing material.

If you have any questions, please contact