Note: this is just a selection of all our databases that are also accessible from home. See the complete list and use the filters to restrict the number of results.

  • Searchable with HUGO
  • Accessible within the HU
  • Accessible from home with HU login
  • Academia

    Dutch portal with access to streaming video material from the archives of the Netherlands Institute for sound and vision. The database is updated daily with material from the public broadcasters. If you wish to save or edit material you have to log in at "Inloggen met SURFconext" using your HU-account.

  • Academic Search Premier

    Fulltext articles from 3,600 international academic journals.
    Abstracts from 8,100 journals.

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  • ACM Digital Library

    Citations, abstracts and full text articles published by the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM). The conference proceedings are not available fulltext.

  • AIS eLibrary

    Repository for research papers and journal articles relevant to the information systems academic community. Browse and download papers for AMCIS, ICIS and for all AIS conferences and affiliated conferences, as well as content from AIS SIGs, Chapters and the most prominent academic journals in the field.

  • ARTstor

    Access from home with HU login - after registration on campus
    Digital images in the field of art, architecture, design and photography. The images are only for educational and scholarly use

  • Beheer en onderhoudkosten

    Dutch database on the costs of management en maintenance in build engineering.

  • BJu Tijdschriften

    Over 40 online journals (Dutch and English) by Boom Juridische uitgevers, all articles are fulltext available. A wide range of legal literature but also related issues such as crime, safety and financial management.

  • Boom Bestuurskunde

    Access to 4 Dutch online journals on public administration.

  • Boom Tijdschriften

    Access to 10 Dutch online journals on subjects such as philosophy, psychology and religion.

  • Boomportaal Juridisch

  • Bouwformatie - Bouwkosten online (Archidat)

    Dutch database on costs and details in the building and construction industry.

  • Bouwkosten (Vakmedianet)

    Dutch database on the costs in the building and construction industry.

  • BrisWarenhuis

    Dutch database on the rules and regulations in the construction industry. An account at KennisID is needed (use your or e-mail address).
    For information on Dutch standards go to: NEN Connect.

  • Business Source Elite

    Provides full text coverage for more than 1,000 international journals on finance, economics and management. In addition to the full text, the database offers abstracts for over 1,750 journals. Also includes detailed company profiles for the world's 10,000 largest companies.

  • Chemiekaarten

    Dutch database with access to recent and validated information on nearly 1,400 chemical substances. One substance per page, presenting details on identification, physical properties, symptoms, first aid, transport regulations, etc.

  • Chemische feitelijkheden

    Dutch database with easy to understand descriptions of complex chemical subjects.

  • CINAHL Plus with Full Text

    Contains more than 2,800,000 abstracts from almost 4,600 journals in the field of nursing and other health disciplines. About 770 journals are full text available.

  • Cochrane Library

    Offers over 5,000 fulltext Cochrane Reviews. Also contains over 500,000 descriptions of evidence for healthcare decision-making.
    Click on Advanced search to start your search.

  • Communicatie Intelligence Database

    Database for communication professionals: (scientific) research, how-to articles, checklists and more. Both national and international data is included.

  • Communication and mass media

    Peer-reviewed articles on communication and mass media.

  • Company Dashboard

    Company reports, financial data, business structures and market reports.

  • contains information on Dutch businesses and foreign companies with Dutch holdings.

  • COTAN Documentatie

    Online COTAN Documentatie offers descriptions and assessments of psychodiagnostic instruments by the Commissie Testaangelegenheden (COTAN) from the Dutch Association of psychologists (Nederlands Instituut van Psychologen, NIP).

  • CROW online kennismodules

    Dutch database with full text publications on the build environment: infrastructure, traffic, road design, safety and mobility.

  • Dentistry & Oral Sciences

    This database offers 340 journals in the field of dental and oral sciences. More than 250 journals are full text available. A good start for researchers and students in the oral sciences.

  • DigiBib.Jeugd

    Dutch digital library for youth healthcare and youth welfare. Contains guidelines, government reports and research reports.

  • DigiBib.Zorg

    Dutch portal on the care of the elderly (nursing and home care). With news and access to the digital library. The documents are divided in categories, such as IT, protocols and law.

  • Digitale Grote Almanak

    Digitale Grote Almanak: information derived from the practice of social advisers and the Legal Counter.
    Regelingen en Voorzieningen: here the topics are discussed in more detail with weekly updates.
    Sociaal Domein Algemeen: topics that are not dealt with in the other two domains.

  • DramaOnline

  • Education Research Complete

    Offers access to 1,300 fulltext journals in the field of education and research. It also contains abstracts from 2,200 journals and over 550 fulltext books and conference papers.

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  • Embase

    Embase searches EMBASE as well as MEDLINE (PubMed).
    Embase is the European counterpart of MEDLINE.
    Key topics are pharmacology, drug development, medical education and health care management.
    Embase consists of more than 32 million records from 8,500 journals.

  • Emerald Insight

    Access to various online journals in various disciplines including: business, (higher) education, pedagogy, engineering, information & knowledge management, facility management, operations & logistics, quality management and marketing.

  • Energie+

    Dutch articles about sustainable sources of energy.

  • ERIC

    Fulltext articles (as of 1993) and abstracts (as of 1966) from more than 1,000 journals on education.

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  • ESB : vakblad voor economen

  • Factomedia base

    Dutch database with articles in the field of purchasing and facility management.

  • Finance & Control base

    Dutch database with over 2,000 articles on financial management.

  • Financieele Dagblad

  • Gartner

    Offers publications on research and analysis of trends in IT strategy and telecommunications. Clicking on "Explore" is a way to see hype cycles and magic quadrants. Note that by logging in you give Gartner your HU email adress.

  • Gezondheidsteksten

    Dutch database with information about health, illnesses, disabilities and their implications on daily life.

  • GreenFile

    Database covering all aspects of human impact to the environment, such as global warming, pollution, renewable energy and recycling. The database provides abstracts for more than 384,000 records, as well as full text for more than 4,700 records.

  • GWW Kosten

    Dutch database on the costs of civil engineering.

  • Inct Kennisbank

    Knowledge base in Dutch aimed at makers of magazines and other periodicals.

  • ISSO-Kennisbank

    Dutch database with information for the installation sector.
    An account at KennisID is needed (use your or e-mail address).

  • Joanna Briggs Institute EBP Database

    A wide range of summarized and appraised evidence, to inform the heathcare-practice. This comprehensive range of resources includes over 3,000 records across seven publication types: Evidence Based Recommended Practices, Evidence Summaries, Best Practice Information Sheets, Systematic Reviews, Consumer Information Sheets, Systematic Review Protocols, and Technical Reports.

  • Journal Citation Reports (JCR)

    Comprehensive resource that allows you to evaluate and compare journals using citation data drawn from over 11,000 scholarly and technical journals from more than 3,300 publishers in over 80 countries.

  • Kennisbank BMH

  • Keuzegids online

    Dutch datase with access to Keuzegids online, compiled by an independent editorial board at the Centre for Higher Education Information on the basis of the National Student Survey (student opinion) and the accreditation decisions of the NVAO (expert opinion).

  • KNMP Kennisbank

    This Dutch database offers access to sources for KNMP pharmacists and other interested professionals and students in the field of pharmacy and medicine.

  • Legal Intelligence

    Dutch search engine for (corporate) lawyers, tax specialists and accountants. By using the search engine you can search both Dutch and European legal texts simultaneously. Select Hogeschool Utrecht, confirm and log in.

  • LexisNexis Academic -> Nexis Uni

    Dutch and international news sources.
    Replaced by Nexis Uni.

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  • Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts (LISTA)

    Indexes for more than 600 English journals, books, research reports and proceedings in the field of information science and information management.

  • Management executive base

    Dutch database, including the Management tools base. Access to articles and instruments from various Kluwer publications on management.

  • Marketing Intelligence Database

  • Marketline Advantage

    Offers over 30,000 company profiles, 3,500 industry profiles, and 110 country profiles. Reports are fulltext available in pdf format and offer information on market segmentation, market rivalry, SWOT analyses and forecasts. Depending on the information type you can download content in one of the formats: PDF, Excel, Word or PowerPoint.

  • Navigator (voorheen Kluwer Navigator)

    This Dutch legal database includes regulations and legislation combined with case law, comments, specialist literature, journals and Kluwer series. In addition to legal information, you have access to the Kengetallen module as well as all the “Vakstudies” publications for tax specialists. Personalised features are available by registering your HU account: select ‘Of inloggen via: WO/HBO' and click on the HU logo.

  • NEN Connect

    Database with standards on construction, installation, environment, trade and industry. Access to: all national standards (NEN, NPR, NTA). All European and international standards accepted for use in the Netherlands (NEN-EN, NEN-EN-ISO, NEN-ISO, NEN-EN-IEC and NEN-IEC). All international standards (ISO and IEC).

  • Nexis Uni

    Dutch and international news sources. Replacement for Lexis Nexis Academic.

  • Ondernemerswijzer

    Dutch database with information for self-employed entrepreneurs.

  • Paris

    Access to 16 legal journals (Dutch and English). Related issues: economy, trade, real estate, transport, sports, medicine and Europe.

  • Pressreader

    Online access to more than 7000 newspapers and magazines from 100 different countries in 54 languages. Full text, up-to-date and with an archive up to 90 days.


  • Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection

    Database with hundreds full text articles on the subject of psychology and behavioral sciences, children's and adult psychology and counseling, a large number of these articles are indexed in PsychInfo.

  • PsycINFO

    PsychInfo contains million sof bibliographical records on the subject of psychology and behavioural sciences. The database contains references to peer-reviewed articles, chapters in books, books, dissertations etc. See also the database: Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection.

  • Reaxys

    Database providing information on millions of chemical structures, reactions and properties of chemical substances. Contains data from approximately 400 journals and core databases in the field of Chemistry.

  • Rechtsorde

    This legal information portal provides access to all legal sources covered by Hogeschool licences (Kluwer Navigator, Boom Juridische tijdschriften, journals published by Paris, Ars Aequi maandblad) as well as to relevant public sources (including,, Eurlex etc.). All sources can be searched in one go. Manuals, tuition and personalised features are available by registering your HU account: click on ‘Hogeschool Utrecht’ (top right), select ‘WO en HBO hier inloggen’ and click on the HU logo.

  • Retriever

    Dutch database with advertisement and editorial data of all Dutch advertising media including print, in and outdoor media, rtv and internet.

  • Sage Business Cases

    The 2500 Sage business cases are designed to engage students in applying core concepts to practice through the use of examples from the global business environment. With instructor-only teaching notes with suggested teaching strategies, target audience, and possible responses to discussion questions that can help facilitate classroom discussion. Topics include Marketing, Operations Management, Small Business & Entrepreneurship, International Business, Human Resource Management, and more.

  • Sage Premier

    Online access to over 550 scientific peer-reviewed journals published by Sage, in the field of Social Science, Biomedical and Health sciences, and Engineering. Digtial archive from 1999 with over 290,000 fulltext articles.

  • Science Direct

    Over 1.2 million scientific articles, from 1995 up to the present. Many articles are fulltext available, some only in abstract.

  • Scifinder on the Web

    To use this database you need to register once (for free) within the HU buildings. Use this registration link. Database that combines Chemical abstracts and Medline.

  • Sdu HSE

  • Sigma base

    Dutch database with information on quality management in the profit as well in the non profit sector: news, columns and articles containing practical information, visions and recent developments, instruments, theoretical contexts and views.The articles come from the ‘Handboek Integrale Kwaliteitszorg’, the ‘Handboek Kwaliteit in de Praktijk’, and from the archive of ‘Sigma: platform voor kwaliteitsmanagement’, from 1997 onwards

  • SPORTDiscus

    Database on the field of sports, physical education, fitness and sports healthcare. Provides full text articles from about 1200 journals and books.

  • Springer Journals

    Over 1200 journals on all fields of science.

  • SpringerLink collectie Nederlandse tijdschriften

    More than 40 Dutch journals in the field of health care and social work.

  • SpringerLink HBO Collectie

    This collection replaces partly the databases HBOVoorsprong and PlatformPM. Contains Dutch material on healthcare and welfare.

  • Stichting Rioned

    Dutch website, with English section, on sewage systems and water treatment. Register and log in with your HU account.

  • TeacherReference Center

    Indexing and abstracts for more than 270 English journals in the field of education and administration.

  • UpToDate

    Evidence-based decision support tool designed for clinicians. UpToDate answers clinical questions, increases clinical knowledge and improves patient care.
    Attention: the new UpToDate Anywhere requires that you register for an account. You need to do this at the HU. You can also download the App in your app-store. To keep access from outside the HU you need to log in once every 90 days at the HU.

  • Vakbase

  • Van Dale Woordenboeken

    Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish translation dictionaries.

  • Visible Body

    Visible Body Premium Package includes the modules Human Anatomy Atlas, Physiology Animations, Muscle Premium, Skeleton Premium and Heart & Circulatory Premium. When you access Visible Body for the first time you have to be at the HU. For installing the App on your tablet or smartphone you also have to be at the HU. For installing go to Ovid. Then you choose for the App in the App Store or Google Play. Beware that the App takes a lot of space. You can use the App from home now. It is necessary though to use the program at the HU every 30 days.

  • WARC

    (World Advertising Research Center)is the world's premier information resource for marketing, advertising and communications professionals, with more than 50,000 articles from three decades and all main markets. They have material on all aspects of communications from award-winning case studies to cutting-edge think pieces and conference reports, academic papers, respected adspend forecasts and creative executions. Sources are Warc’s dedicated researchers and correspondents around the world, 50 leading partners worldwide and publications they produce with other organizations.
    Extensive user guide.

  • Web of science

    Multidisciplinary bibliography with integrated citation indexes. Contains Science Citation Index Expanded version, Social Sciences Citation Index, Arts and Humanities Citation Index and Incites Journal and Highly Cited Data.
    Data up to 10 years ago.

  • Wiley Online Library: journals

    Over 1500 journals in all fields of science. A large part is full text available.