VR glasses

VR glasses
In the HUB lab we have nine 3D virtual reality headsets type VR WO3! These VR glasses are compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.

How do VR glasses work?
Each eye views a different computer image while watching a VR app on your phone through VR glasses. Moving your head adjusts these images. The goal is to create a life size, 3D virtual environment.

What can I use VR for?
VR is used in different areas such as health care (for instance in therapies for phobias and PTSS), museums and the travel industry. The HUB lab has phones which are equipped with the Jaunt VR app, the most popular VR app at the moment.

Can I borrow the VR glasses?
You may borrow the VR glasses for one week by filling out a borrowing form.

Please note:
Long use may cause motion sickness.

Want to know more?
Please come by the HUB lab! You find us at Padualaan 99, room 2.001.
Our regular opening hours are
Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.
Other questions, or prefer to make an appointment? Contact us at HUBlab@hu.nl