What is a Marty?
Marty is a programmable robot whose eyes, arms and legs you can move. It is delivered as a kit and then has to be assembled. Because of its simplicity, it is an ideal way to get started with programming and to see how this endearing robot can be programmed to move.

What can I do with a Marty?
Robot Marty can be programmed to walk, kick a ball or dance with various programming languages such as Scratch, Python and Javascript API.
It is a starter model robot that is easily controlled with Scratch and with which you can start programming in an obvious and safe way.
Marty can be expanded with a Raspberry PI for more complex tasks and for those who want to start the challenge of programming with ROS, Robot Operating System.


Can I borrow Marty?
You may borrow Marty for one week by filling out a borrowing form

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