What is a Bee-Bot?
A Bee-Bot is a programmable robot in the shape of a bee. It is used specifically in primary education. Teach your pupils to program in an easy, smart and fun way.

What can I do with a Bee-Bot?
You may enhance your spatial skills working with these robots. The Bee-Bot knows the following commands: forwards, backwards, turn left, turn right. It moves along a grid or mat and may be navigated towards the correct answer or a certain figure. The Bee-Bot has a double function: you need to program the right steps as well as move to the correct answer.

Working with the robots you learn to think ahead (which steps do I need to program?) and you practice your spatial skills (where is the Bee-Bot going?). Special mats have been developed for the Bee-Bot but you may also create your own mat or track.


Can I borrow the Bee-Bots?
You may borrow the Bee-Bots for one week by filling out a borrowing form.

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