What is an Ozobot?
An Ozobot is a small robot which you can program using colours, drawn lines and/or a simple programming language. Ozobot explores his surroundings using his 5 sensors. The bot has LED lights, lighting up in different colours.
Using Ozobot, you stimulate skills such as programming and logical thinking, creativity and working accurately.


What can I do with an Ozobot?
The Ozobot can move in different directions. You can navigate him along a track. The Ozobot is able to interpret colour codes using its sensors. There are several colour codes, each being a different command such as: fast, slow, turbo, tornado, go right, go left, etc.). With these colours you decide which direction the Ozobot takes.
The Ozobot can also change colour. You can find numerous classroom activities online. Please note: we have the ‘bit’ version, not the ‘evo’ version.

On paper
You use special markers which the Ozobot is able to read. The Ozobot follows the lines, codes and instructions that you draw on white paper.

On a tablet
You can download the free apps Ozobot and Ozo Groove in the Apple App Store or Google Play store. Ozo Groove comes with built-in dance demos and versatile dance choreography tools. Use the Ozobot app to calibrate the bots as well as create intricate tracks and challenges.

On a pc
OzoBlockly offers five modes from novice with icon-based blocks to master with support for many low-level functions and advanced programming concepts.

Can I borrow Ozobot?
You may borrow Ozobot for one week by filling out a borrowing form.

Want to know more?

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