HTC Vive

What is the HTC Vive?
The HTC Vive is an interactive VR set which consists of a headset and controllers. As opposed to VR glasses, the HTC Vive makes for a more immersive experience, making you feel like you are in another world. Using the controllers you are able to navigate and influence this world, within certain limits.

What can I do with the HTC Vive?
The headset uses tracking technology, allowing the user to move in 3D space and use motion-tracked handheld controllers to interact with the environment. At the STEAM VR gaming platform, you are able to play all sorts of games and use educational applications. You can also create your own surroundings using 3D applications such as Blender, SketchUp, Unity en 3dsMax.

Can I borrow the HTC Vive?
The HTC Vive cannot be borrowed due to the price and its permanent setup. You may experiment with the HTC Vive in the HUB Lab at PL99, room 2.001.

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