3D Pens

What are 3D pens?
The 3D pen works by extruding heated plastic called Filament that cools almost instantly into a solid, stable structure, allowing for the free-hand creation of three-dimensional objects. Filament can be bought in different colours.

What can I do with a 3D pen?
With a 3D pen you can make 3D objects by hand. You do not need a computer application to make objects but you are free to create your own. You can practice skills such as spatial thinking, creativity and make objects such as pawns, mascots or ornaments.

Can I borrow a 3D pen?
We have 10 3D pens in the HUB lab, you experiment in the lab or borrow them by filling out a borrowing form.

Want to know more?
Please come by the HUB lab! You find us at Padualaan 99, room 2.001.
Our regular opening hours are
Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.
Other questions, or prefer to make an appointment? Contact us at HUBlab@hu.nl